Friday, December 29, 2006

Briere is a gutless pussy!

Fine, Ovie's hit on Briere the Gutless Pussy was an unfortunate hit. But at least he owned up to it.
So how did the Gutless Pussy respond? A cheap-shot to the nuts then he runs away. He wouldn't even square up and have a fair fight. What an ass! Where are all the talking heads that said Ovie should be suspended now. The Major media is not even talking about it.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Thank you Santa!

Now it was a busy Christmas weekend. DCSC and I drove up to Toronto to catch the Caps play the Maple Leafs. I always have a wonderful time when I am back in Canada and to spend the Christmas holiday was no different. The weather was pretty decent, when the rain stopped. Saturday night was the big night. DCSC and I ate dinner at the Bottom Line in all of our Capitals glory. Strangely and Thankfully we were not the only Caps fans in the house. There was one lone guy wearing a Caps jersey and Nats hat. Nobody said a thing to us, but we did get some strange looks here and there. The Air Canada Centre is a must see. Love the fact that you get real BEER!! And they come in different sizes. Yes the "phone booth" has better selection than they use to, but nothing says Hockey than a large Molson Canadian. We had a great view from our seats, though as a big guy, they were pretty close together. The people around us we nice, especially the guys to our right. DCSC engaged them in conversation when we got there and they couldn't have been nicer. It was interesting that nobody knew about the uniform changes due this January. Now I want to hear if changes are brewing on the Caps front as well?

Toronto is truly a hockey city. We had random people stop us as we walked back to our hotel, asking who won. Everyone knew who Ovie is and they were impressed by them. Though in true Leaf Nation attitude many were in the belief that he soon will be a Leaf. ( Not that I am worrying. Uncle Ted is keeping all that cap room for a reason. Ovie will be getting a huge raise when his contract is up. ) Not everyone wanted all hockey all the time. Our seat mate said he was also a basketball fan and found it difficult to find news about that. Though he did say it was getting better. I personally was impressed that they had Raptors TV, but it was difficult to see anything other than hockey. ( I waited through all the hockey highlights until I saw the Wiz highlights) Not that I am complaining. I wish I had that problem here in DC.

Sadly on Christmas morning we had to head back home. And RACED home we did. I had to get home to catch The Eagles play the Cowgirls. Fortunately we made good time and that we had the Sirius radio. We made it home to watch the second half of the game. And what a game. How about that T.O.!! Eagles 2-0 against Owens and the Girls. Nice!
Looks like he is doing to the Cowboys what he did to the Eagles, 49er's and who's next? But I digress, Thank you Santa for the good sports weekend.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Got to say I had to laugh out loud when I heard on XM's Home Ice that Ilse of Capri did not win the slots license in Pittsburgh. Now I can still daydream of the possibility of a hockey less Pittsburgh. Not that I think it likely. It looks like the NHL is falling all over themselves trying to keep the Pens in Pittsburgh and give Maria Le Pew a big payday. Though the likely hood of him getting $175 million is not looking good right now. Some of the pundits are saying the price will drop to about $100 to $120 million. Still not a bad payday. The drama continues.

This Friday will be the Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils first visit to the Washington DC. Martin Brodeur was instrumental in the outlawing of the Mirrored visor that our beloved Alex Ovechkin was starting to wear. Some of our enterprising Caps fans have come up with an idea to wear mirrored glasses during the pre-game warm-ups . I wish I could be here for it. I so want to get the C.H.I.P.S shades for the game, but DCSC and I are heading up to Toronto to catch the Caps play the Leafs. So I will be TiVoing the game. Hopefully Comcast will show the Caps faithful with their shades.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pet Peeves 2

OK, I know that this has been brought up by OnFrozen Blog and DC Sports Bog, but it is getting out of control. It is getting so bad that some DumbAss thought it was a good idea to yell "fuck the Flyers" during the moment of silence to honor Caps owner Joshua Freeman. Now I Loath the Cryers with the best of them, but really, what the Fuck is wrong with you? Even the Cryers fans were able to keep quiet during a moment of silence.

As for the "o" during the National Anthem. Do you people realize that you NOT in Baltimore? That you are NOT even at a baseball game? When the Nationals came to town I was hoping that this practice of screaming during the Anthem would end. But we still have these idiots that feel it necessary to disgrace the Anthem with this interruption. So in the immortal words of Steve Hanson "I'm listening to the Fucking song!"

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Canadian of the Week; Dec, 11, 2006

Today's Canadian was born in Nanaimo, British Columbia. At the age of 4 she began playing the piano. While in high school she played in local restaurants. She won a scholarship from the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she completed 3 terms. Returning to British Columbia she was discovered by bassist Ray Brown and Drummer Jeff Hamilton. They encouraged her to move to Los Angeles and study with Pianist Jimmy Rowles. In 1990 she relocated to New York City. In 1993 she released her first album. On Wednesday Dec 6 she gave birth to twins. Congratulations to Diana Krall and her husband Elvis Costello.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Busy weekend!

First of all after seeing the Anaheim (don't call me "mighty") Ducks, I regret not putting more money on them while I was in Vegas. Damn they are just good. They didn't give the Caps many opportunities to score. The Ducks are quick and their Defense is one of, if not the best in the league. They are a great team, but if the Caps get to play them again I am sure that the outcome will be different, or at least closer. Barra Brava made an appearance at the game on Friday. They sang and stood the entire game. They also were treated like public enemy number one, by the Verizon Center's rent a cops. Come on, why is it necessary to have security guards do that against fans of your own club? I hope security shows the same consideration to the Cryers on Saturday, though I know they will be nowhere to be found like normal.

This weekend I was able to catch up with some the beautiful women of the DC blogger world. It was great to see Sweet, Law-Rah, Buggie and Baby Banana during the weekend. Why do we have to go so long between our outings?

Last thing this weekend was the Washington vs. Philadelphia weekend, and what can I say, I had no problem with the outcome in any of the games. First Bullets vs. Sixers on Friday, never been too into basketball, but I like Arenas. Go Bullets! Saturday it was the Cryers and Caps. Caps win 5-3, decent game against a depleted team. Go Caps! Then it takes us to Sunday, Eagles vs the Deadskins. What can I say Thank God the Eagles got Garcia. With McNabb's propensity to get injured the past few years we needed another First String QB. Feeley is a decent QB, but only as a backup.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Florida just beat the BufaSlugs 3 to 1. How are they going to blame Ovie for the loss now?

Rutgers, I mean really, is this necessary?

Now I am all for the pretty girls at sporting events. Hell, I still have fond memories of Phoenix's "The Pack". I do find it odd that they dance on the ice. But here is my beef, Rutgers; not only did I have to deal with hearing your band play the damn Superman theme a million times (don't you know how to play something anything else), but I had the huge baton girls in my sight lines. I mean who wants to see that? Thank God Navy QB Brian Hampton's injury happened early in the game so I could go back to tailgating.

Don't put it out there if you don't want people to know.

Well, I guess the Capitals can read too. After Ray Emery made the comments to the press that he focuses on Ovie when he is on the ice, Ovie used the information to get 3 assists. His assist on Pettinger's goal was a thing of beauty. As for the officiating it was what I expected. Since I am a fan of both teams I am somewhat neutral. Yes there was some weird calls, but there always weird calls. It looked like the Sens were not ready for the speed of the Caps and they got called because of it. Yeah the officials were calling a tight game, but 10 penalties against the Sens and 9 against the Caps does not scream bias for or against either team. The Sens didn't get a rash of penalties together until the 3rd when they all but looked like they gave up.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Darcy Tucker Sucks

Just had to share this. Go Sens Go Caps!

Canadian of the week. Dec. 4, 2006

Today's Canadian was inspired by the Christmas season. Born in Toronto Ontario on August 31, in either 1970 or 1973. His mother, who is also an actor, wanted her son to have a normal life. She kept her son from acting until his brother intervened. He has acted on TV with roles on shows like NCIS, Lost and Deadwood. He has also had roles in movies like "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" and "Jason vs Freddy". He stared for 3 season in the TV show "Titus". But the reason for this post is his first movie. The movie that we will be watching a dozen times before Christmas. Our Canadian played the bully Scut Farkus in the classic " A Christmas Story", his name is Zack Ward.