Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Random Ideas I was able to glean from Center Ice

As I said in a previous post I love my Center ice package. Watching how other hockey cities broadcast and market their teams is interesting. First of all, there's the actual broadcast. I was floored when I noticed some home teams actually conduct interviews with the players on the bench, during the game. Nice to get a feel of the players while the play is going on. Also, they cover the three stars of the games. I like the idea of actually showing the stars on the broadcast. When the Caps win and I am at the game I always stay for the stars. I would like to know who they are for away games as well. Some markets also interview one of the "stars of the game" which fans at the stadium can listen to as well, like San Jose.

I also notice a really cool marketing toy.

It comes from the Edmonton Oilers. It is the "fanboni".

The Edmonton Oilers Fanboni is a completely overhauled ice resurfacing machine that has been reconfigured into a community events cruiser for the Edmonton Oilers. The Fanboni has seating for 10, with seatbelts, high powered CD system, DVD player, plasma screen television, PlayStation 2, a light bar, racing seat, custom paint and mag wheels.

I want one!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Separated at Birth?

So when Luongo has his hair slicked back, doesn't he look like;

Count Chocula?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Night and Day.

Thank God for the "Center Ice" package. After watching the Caps choke live, I get to watch my second favorite team (Senators) have a great game. 3-0 game against the Bruins. Shots during the Caps game 42 (Panthers) to 18 (Caps), shots during the Sens game 39 (Sens) to 18 (Bruins).

One day I need to see the Sens play in Ottawa and not against the Caps, so I can put all my support behind the Sens.

Blow Job!

Maybe they should have called today's game because of a "suspicious package" in the metro.

Other than the first period the Caps looked like shit. Sitting on the side where the Caps shoot twice, the first period was decent, but gezz the next two periods. I needed binoculars to watch the game, since everything was happening on the other side of the ice. The Caps looked like they did too many Irish Car bombs the night before. They were giving the puck to the Panthers every chance the got. Two of their goals in particular were on giveaways when the Caps were heading into the offensive zone. The biggest embarrassment was that the Caps did not get double digits on shots until well into the 3rd. Even Ice girls or cheerleaders will not get people in the building if they put a product on the ice that does this at home.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

If one picture is worth a 1000 words. Is two worth 2000?

Guess this explains why the Capitals front office staff did not move in the Kettler Capitals Iceplex on January 13th, like they were told.
Aren't those guy suppose to be working up there? Not watching the team practice. So at the rate the construction guys worked, while I was there, it may be at least another month before we see any move.

Sorry guys and gals. Maybe it is for the best. How much work do you think will get done once they move. Hell, if I worked there my nose would be pressed against the glass as well.

Monday, January 08, 2007

I mean Really?

This is sad. In today's Washington Post there was a story of a two year old Boy that was killed while riding an ATV. My Question is? Why in the world is a two year old riding an ATV? Even if it was rated for 6 or older this was plain wrong. Even the comments on the Post's article seemed to have the same feeling of disbelief. I can't believe that the parents were not charged. A kid that probably couldn't even go to "potty" on his own, is riding an ATV. How much you want to bet that the family will now try to sue the ATV manufacturer?

Speaking of suing someone. Look at this. A family while at Disney World are accusing a Disney employee dressed as Tigger of an "unprovoked attack". I watched the video and what it looks like to me is the brat put his arm behind the character and started pulling on the costume. It looks like the person lost their balance and had to turn and pull the kid's hand off him. The "hit" looked like incidental contact while they were turning. This is only my humble opinion, but come one what is going on with people these days? Now this father and son duo with lawyer, is doing the "news" show circuit, and I am sure they will be looking for their payday. Why can't we have more humble heroes like Wesley Autrey, who tried to play down his heroics?

Canadian of the Week; Jan. 8, 2007

Back from my holiday posting break, here comes the first Canadian of the New Year. This week's Canadian was born, May 24, 1938 in Edmonton Alberta. Born to a father of Chinese descent and a mother of Scot-Irish. His family moved to Calgary, Alberta so his father can get treatment at a Veteran's hospital for wounds he suffered during World War II. When he was eleven years old he learned how to play guitar. First playing country-and-western music, but soon switched to Rhythm and Blues. He soon quit school and formed a band called the Shades. According to him, "After a particularly rowdy gig" the band was asked by the Mayor to leave Calgary. He moved to Vancouver where he bought a club called the Elegant Parlour. He played guitar and sang for the house band. The band, Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers were discovered and signed by Motown. The band briefly featured a very young Jimi Hendrix. One of the songs he composed "Does your Mama know about me?" reached 29th on the U.S. pop chart and number 5 on the U.S. R&B chart.

After getting fired from the band, he moved back to Vancouver and started an improv group. While doing improv he met a comedian from Los Angeles who would become his long time partner. They became successful with many comedy albums, that turned into a movie career. In 1985 the team split up, because of artistic differences. Going their separate ways our Canadian had a recurring role on "that 70's show".

In 2003 he was arrested and charged with selling drug paraphernalia. He agreed to plea guilty in exchange with non-prosecution of his wife and son. After spending nine months in jail, he returned to acting on TV and also stared in a Documentary based on his arrest.

Our Canadian, this week is Tommy Chong.