Thursday, May 03, 2007

One foot in front of the other.

Title refference in case some of you don't remember it. Gets stuck in my head sometimes.

I am taking each win in stride. We have been here before, but somehow it feels a little different. The Senators look sharper, a closer better team that I have seen in the past. I love the chemistry that this team is showing on and off the ice. The only thing that can spoil the fun is the threat of a strike. Hopefully the powers that be at ScotiaBank Place can settle the possibility of a strike by the arena workers. Hard to got to the Cup finial if you don't have a rink to play in.

On another note, read Scarlet Ice's take on what is happening to Shane Doan. This is getting out of control and I cannot control my anger at what is happening to him. I have always thought he was a stand-up guy and reading what teammates have said about him, backs up that feeling. The Bloc Quebecois has always been a hack organization and this just proves it.

Way too angry!!


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