Monday, April 23, 2007

NHL on Amazon Unbox

Got this little slice of news from Eric on Off Wing Opinion. The NHL will make complete games available for download. Great stuff! Cool to be able to download games that you want to re-live. So far there are only 6 games available from the 2007 playoff run , one from the regular and a few classic games.

But I have a question. Why is the only Sens game available, the only one that the Sens lost? Granted it was a good game. One that the Sens controlled most of, but they still lost it in the end. But what Sens fan in their right mind is going to pay for a NBC broadcast of this game, and what Pens fan can afford it. (at least the fans that still live in Pittsburgh) Now thanks to Russell from the SensUnderground, we know what NBC stands for, "Nothing But Crosby". The entire broadcast was a Crosby Love Fest. Yo NHL, some of us don't want the "second coming" shoved down our throats. As for the Amazon Unbox, put up some good games and maybe I will make a purchase. Something like game 4 or 6 of the 98-99 Eastern Conference final. But until then I think I will wait.


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