Saturday, May 19, 2007

Senators Salt the Slugs!!


the First one bitch. NBC what the Fuck is your problem! If you don't want to broadcast the entire game why do you insist on screwing with the hockey schedule (insisting on afternoon games on weekend). For those of you north of the border. When today's game went to overtime, NBC switched to Versus. Unfortunately the hotel DCSC and I are staying at does not have Versus. What an annoyance. Lucky for me we are close to ESPNzone. After informing the kid controlling the TVs that the game switched to Versus we were good to go. I was even congratulated by a few guys (slightly sauced) for getting them to switch the channel. There was something good coming out of the switch. I was able to celebrate the win with fellow Senators fans, far from home.

Now to the glow. Don't know what to say other than WOW! Alfie did touch the trophy, but he did not pick it up. So my superstition radar is not in overload. I take one bit of satisfaction that the Devils touched it in 2003 and still won. Four more wins to go. It is going to be real tough against the west. One good thing is that the Duck and Dead Things (red wings) are going to kick each others ass. Might be helpful for us. Here is hoping.

Go Senators!


At 12:32 AM, Blogger Sherry said...

THEY DID IT! Of course, was there any doubt they would?

This team is awesome!

At 11:12 AM, Blogger Caps Nut said...

You looked/flipped away too quickly.

They did pick it up and I saw them carrying it back over to the bench to take into the locker room right before Versus ended their broadcast.



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