Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Random Ideas I was able to glean from Center Ice

As I said in a previous post I love my Center ice package. Watching how other hockey cities broadcast and market their teams is interesting. First of all, there's the actual broadcast. I was floored when I noticed some home teams actually conduct interviews with the players on the bench, during the game. Nice to get a feel of the players while the play is going on. Also, they cover the three stars of the games. I like the idea of actually showing the stars on the broadcast. When the Caps win and I am at the game I always stay for the stars. I would like to know who they are for away games as well. Some markets also interview one of the "stars of the game" which fans at the stadium can listen to as well, like San Jose.

I also notice a really cool marketing toy.

It comes from the Edmonton Oilers. It is the "fanboni".

The Edmonton Oilers Fanboni is a completely overhauled ice resurfacing machine that has been reconfigured into a community events cruiser for the Edmonton Oilers. The Fanboni has seating for 10, with seatbelts, high powered CD system, DVD player, plasma screen television, PlayStation 2, a light bar, racing seat, custom paint and mag wheels.

I want one!!


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