Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pet Peeves 2

OK, I know that this has been brought up by OnFrozen Blog and DC Sports Bog, but it is getting out of control. It is getting so bad that some DumbAss thought it was a good idea to yell "fuck the Flyers" during the moment of silence to honor Caps owner Joshua Freeman. Now I Loath the Cryers with the best of them, but really, what the Fuck is wrong with you? Even the Cryers fans were able to keep quiet during a moment of silence.

As for the "o" during the National Anthem. Do you people realize that you NOT in Baltimore? That you are NOT even at a baseball game? When the Nationals came to town I was hoping that this practice of screaming during the Anthem would end. But we still have these idiots that feel it necessary to disgrace the Anthem with this interruption. So in the immortal words of Steve Hanson "I'm listening to the Fucking song!"


At 9:26 PM, Blogger keydet said...

It was great meeting you the other night as well. I Look forward to future get togethers!


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