Sunday, December 10, 2006

Busy weekend!

First of all after seeing the Anaheim (don't call me "mighty") Ducks, I regret not putting more money on them while I was in Vegas. Damn they are just good. They didn't give the Caps many opportunities to score. The Ducks are quick and their Defense is one of, if not the best in the league. They are a great team, but if the Caps get to play them again I am sure that the outcome will be different, or at least closer. Barra Brava made an appearance at the game on Friday. They sang and stood the entire game. They also were treated like public enemy number one, by the Verizon Center's rent a cops. Come on, why is it necessary to have security guards do that against fans of your own club? I hope security shows the same consideration to the Cryers on Saturday, though I know they will be nowhere to be found like normal.

This weekend I was able to catch up with some the beautiful women of the DC blogger world. It was great to see Sweet, Law-Rah, Buggie and Baby Banana during the weekend. Why do we have to go so long between our outings?

Last thing this weekend was the Washington vs. Philadelphia weekend, and what can I say, I had no problem with the outcome in any of the games. First Bullets vs. Sixers on Friday, never been too into basketball, but I like Arenas. Go Bullets! Saturday it was the Cryers and Caps. Caps win 5-3, decent game against a depleted team. Go Caps! Then it takes us to Sunday, Eagles vs the Deadskins. What can I say Thank God the Eagles got Garcia. With McNabb's propensity to get injured the past few years we needed another First String QB. Feeley is a decent QB, but only as a backup.


At 6:38 PM, Blogger Marci said...

Ack, I need to work out. Thanks for letting me sit on y'all's laps...although I probably broke your thigh bones.

So great seeing you guys this weekend. Drinks are in our future. I know, I know...I'll tell you when and where.

Also, I did not see Sweet. How did I miss her? I swear I wasn't drunk.

At 7:43 AM, Blogger chanuck said...

Honey you are so petite you did break nothing.

Looking forward to the next time.

No you weren't that drunk. I saw her on Friday after the hockey game.


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