Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Thank you Santa!

Now it was a busy Christmas weekend. DCSC and I drove up to Toronto to catch the Caps play the Maple Leafs. I always have a wonderful time when I am back in Canada and to spend the Christmas holiday was no different. The weather was pretty decent, when the rain stopped. Saturday night was the big night. DCSC and I ate dinner at the Bottom Line in all of our Capitals glory. Strangely and Thankfully we were not the only Caps fans in the house. There was one lone guy wearing a Caps jersey and Nats hat. Nobody said a thing to us, but we did get some strange looks here and there. The Air Canada Centre is a must see. Love the fact that you get real BEER!! And they come in different sizes. Yes the "phone booth" has better selection than they use to, but nothing says Hockey than a large Molson Canadian. We had a great view from our seats, though as a big guy, they were pretty close together. The people around us we nice, especially the guys to our right. DCSC engaged them in conversation when we got there and they couldn't have been nicer. It was interesting that nobody knew about the uniform changes due this January. Now I want to hear if changes are brewing on the Caps front as well?

Toronto is truly a hockey city. We had random people stop us as we walked back to our hotel, asking who won. Everyone knew who Ovie is and they were impressed by them. Though in true Leaf Nation attitude many were in the belief that he soon will be a Leaf. ( Not that I am worrying. Uncle Ted is keeping all that cap room for a reason. Ovie will be getting a huge raise when his contract is up. ) Not everyone wanted all hockey all the time. Our seat mate said he was also a basketball fan and found it difficult to find news about that. Though he did say it was getting better. I personally was impressed that they had Raptors TV, but it was difficult to see anything other than hockey. ( I waited through all the hockey highlights until I saw the Wiz highlights) Not that I am complaining. I wish I had that problem here in DC.

Sadly on Christmas morning we had to head back home. And RACED home we did. I had to get home to catch The Eagles play the Cowgirls. Fortunately we made good time and that we had the Sirius radio. We made it home to watch the second half of the game. And what a game. How about that T.O.!! Eagles 2-0 against Owens and the Girls. Nice!
Looks like he is doing to the Cowboys what he did to the Eagles, 49er's and who's next? But I digress, Thank you Santa for the good sports weekend.


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