Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Got to say I had to laugh out loud when I heard on XM's Home Ice that Ilse of Capri did not win the slots license in Pittsburgh. Now I can still daydream of the possibility of a hockey less Pittsburgh. Not that I think it likely. It looks like the NHL is falling all over themselves trying to keep the Pens in Pittsburgh and give Maria Le Pew a big payday. Though the likely hood of him getting $175 million is not looking good right now. Some of the pundits are saying the price will drop to about $100 to $120 million. Still not a bad payday. The drama continues.

This Friday will be the Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils first visit to the Washington DC. Martin Brodeur was instrumental in the outlawing of the Mirrored visor that our beloved Alex Ovechkin was starting to wear. Some of our enterprising Caps fans have come up with an idea to wear mirrored glasses during the pre-game warm-ups . I wish I could be here for it. I so want to get the C.H.I.P.S shades for the game, but DCSC and I are heading up to Toronto to catch the Caps play the Leafs. So I will be TiVoing the game. Hopefully Comcast will show the Caps faithful with their shades.


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