Monday, July 30, 2007

What did you do on your Summer Vacation?

Maybe I should say "What did you do or going to do for you summer vacation?", since summer is not over yet. Now that the sadness of the Senators loss in the Cup finial, personal stuff and a vacation with my lovely wife, DCSC, is over I will be posting again. First, back to the question. Vacation! Here is what I did.

Not bad from a stock Jeep? Unfortunately it took me 3 tries with the pressure washer to clean all that mud from the radiator. I think DCSC was relieved to miss our last trail ride because of it. That Virginia mud/clay really sticks to stuff. I don't think I will ever get rid of it all.

So, What did you do or planning to do?

Here is a couple shots after I went through.

I think I need a new Capitals License Plate ring.

Now that things are getting a little back to normal and hockey season is around the corner I will be posting a something at least once a week.