Wednesday, September 27, 2006


This just in. T.O. is hospitalized for attempted suicide.

Now let me put this out there. As an Eagles fan I have no problem reveling in T.O.'s pain, but as a person who lost a close friend to suicide I need to look at the bigger picture. I know it is early and all the talking heads are flapping their gums without knowing shit. I find it quite possible that something happened that may look like a suicide, but I don't think it was. Something may have happened other than that. With what we know of T.O. we know he will do anything to get himself in game shape. Something that may include mixing "supplements" and pain meds. Mixing medications can have devastating outcomes. It can make a rational person do irrational things. Not to say that I ever thought Owens was rational, but lets not jump to conclusions. Let's hope he is OK, but not that OK. I still think he is a Jackass.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nudity is a bad thing!

What kind of world do live in when nudity is a bad thing. Or when nude art is a bad thing. Check this out.

FRISCO — School board members have voted to not renew the contract of a veteran art teacher who was reprimanded after one of her fifth-grade students saw a nude sculpture during a school trip to a museum.

Sydney McGee has been on paid administrative leave from Fisher Elementary School since Friday, said her attorney Rogge Dunn.

Talk about overprotective parents. How much do you want to bet this kid winds up in therapy or chopping up people in their basement.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Canadian of the Week

I want to borrow an idea from My view from the Jeep. He has "Monday Eye Candy" I want to start the "Canadian of the week". There will be no rhyme or reason for who I pick, they just have to be born in Canada. I want to get people thinking, huh I didn't know they were from there. I always found it funny how many Canadians are well known and make it big in the USA. So every Monday I will try to introduce you to a new Canadian.

My First Canadian is William Shatner. Born March 22, 1931 in Montreal Quebec

NASCAR, not for me.

Couple weeks ago I won a NASCAR prize pack. Part of the prize was two tickets to any NASCAR race. Since it didn't include transportation, DCSC and I pick Dover in beautiful (as DCSC calls it) slower Delaware. This was our first trip into the auto race world. I tried to go in with an open mind, but I do have my preconceived notions. Some of which were confirmed. First it was a very Caucasian affair. Not many people of color were in attendance. Though I did see a couple working the pit crews and security. I also thought it was a very southern and redneck thing. The Confederate flag was seen in many places, but to my surprise I saw quite a few Canadian as well. The first person we spoke with was a couple of guys that drove down from outside Ottawa. Now that is a hell of a drive. After that we decided to pay attention to where people came from. The winner for farthest had to be Nova Scotia. Guess it is not a southern thing, but sure was a redneck thing. Hell, mullets, sleeve-less t-shirts on very big men and hunters cammo gear were seen in abundance. Wish we could have go a picture of the trio of rotund guys all shirtless hanging by their trailer sporting the zz top beards. Priceless.

Part of thing I don't get with it is how do you pick your driver? I know in the sports I follow it is all about home teams. I follow teams in places I lived or live. I ( as Seinfeld says) root for laundry. I like players and cheer for them when they are on my team, but go to an enemy team I will pray for your demise. NASCAR does not have home teams, and most of the drivers are defiantly not from my neck of the woods. That leaves picking a sponsor and then rooting for that team. I can't cheer for a commercial product. Go Tide Go. Doesn't ring. I liken NASCAR to WWE. It seems that the drama behind the scene is just as important than what happens on the track. WWE and NASCAR both seem like soap operas for rednecks. I don't know which is more scripted.

Over all it was entertaining. Fifty dollars worth entertainment, don't know. But if anyone gives me another ticket I would attend. I mean what other stadium event lets you bring in your own food and beer. At least it got that going for it.

This is just a side note, DCSC noticed this on the way back to the Jeep and we had to take a picture. Somebody is sure going to be PO'd that they messed with his girlfriend.

Friday, September 22, 2006

When is nationalism bad?

After reading the Posts article on the next possible Japanese Prime Minister , I couldn't help but be a little concerned. It angers me and frighten me that this may be the next PM in Japan. Ignoring the past is dangerous. Rewriting the past is just malicious. It seems that the Japanese can honor War Criminals and suffer no consequence. Would it be OK if the German Prime Minister paid her respect at the grave of somebody like Himmler? No! There would be an international outrage. So why is it OK to honor Generals and leaders that masterminded the Bataan Death march, Rape of Nanking, "scientific testing" on POWs, plus many many more? I don't see a problem with being proud of ones country. But when nationalism clouds how one treats other people, there can be problems.

Monday, September 18, 2006

WTF I mean Really WTF!

So now that at least 24 hours separate me and the debacle that was the Eagles game. I can at least look on the bright side. What is the bright side you may ask. Well at least the coach took the blame.

"This loss is my responsibility....I was too conservative," Reid said. "I could have been a little more aggressive that second half."

I am only OK with that, if he does not do it again. I am tired of conservative play calling. He should have run up the score, hell at least get yourself a better cushion that 10 to 17 points.

Now to the bright side. The Redskins lose, Again. Now the topper could have been if the Cowboys lose as well, but since they were playing each other, er ah well. I can settle with B.O. having a 3 for 19 yrds day, plus breaking a bone in his hand. Would have been better if he broke that leg again, but a guy can't get everything.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rehashed music

So Last night DCSC and a few friends went to the State theater and saw a great concert. The show was an all girl Led Zeppelin Tribute band with the name Lez Zeppelin. What can be better than that. One of my all time favorite band's music played by some very talented women. Totally Kick Ass! But seeing this got me thinking. Why does Clay Aiken and his American Idol cohorts have a multi-million dollar career?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is it an election year?

Wasn't it about a month ago that we were looking a gas prices over $3.00? BP just shut down the Alaska pipe line and the Iranians were threatening to cut their oil production. So why did I pay $2.15 a gallon for gas yesterday?

A bit of a side note. Why is it that Comcast sent us our bill and charged us for the privilege to watch the Nats, but we still can't see a game? WTF!!!