Wednesday, September 27, 2006


This just in. T.O. is hospitalized for attempted suicide.

Now let me put this out there. As an Eagles fan I have no problem reveling in T.O.'s pain, but as a person who lost a close friend to suicide I need to look at the bigger picture. I know it is early and all the talking heads are flapping their gums without knowing shit. I find it quite possible that something happened that may look like a suicide, but I don't think it was. Something may have happened other than that. With what we know of T.O. we know he will do anything to get himself in game shape. Something that may include mixing "supplements" and pain meds. Mixing medications can have devastating outcomes. It can make a rational person do irrational things. Not to say that I ever thought Owens was rational, but lets not jump to conclusions. Let's hope he is OK, but not that OK. I still think he is a Jackass.


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