Monday, September 18, 2006

WTF I mean Really WTF!

So now that at least 24 hours separate me and the debacle that was the Eagles game. I can at least look on the bright side. What is the bright side you may ask. Well at least the coach took the blame.

"This loss is my responsibility....I was too conservative," Reid said. "I could have been a little more aggressive that second half."

I am only OK with that, if he does not do it again. I am tired of conservative play calling. He should have run up the score, hell at least get yourself a better cushion that 10 to 17 points.

Now to the bright side. The Redskins lose, Again. Now the topper could have been if the Cowboys lose as well, but since they were playing each other, er ah well. I can settle with B.O. having a 3 for 19 yrds day, plus breaking a bone in his hand. Would have been better if he broke that leg again, but a guy can't get everything.


At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Mr. Smooth said...

The Iggles need a running game to chew up yards and wind that clock down. Maybe they could pick up free agent Marky Mark (and his Funky Bunch) to hustle and control the ball.


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