Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Another passion

Congratulations are in order for a couple of DC United players. First congratulations to Troy Perkins for the Goaltender of the year award and Bobby Boswell for the Defender of the Year.

DCSC and I was able to make it to DC United's game against the Metropukes. DC United played like ass most of the game, but was able to come out of it with a favorable result. A 16 yr old scored a goal during this game, but his name was not Freddy Adu. Josmer Altidore the Metropukes striker looks pretty impressive. Adu looks like a 16 yr old, Altidore does not. He is a physically larger player, Adu looks like the same kid that he was when he arrived in DC. Unless Adu has a growth spurt and adds more strength, Altidore may become the future of US soccer.

Speaking about soccer, I came across a bit of the news of the weird. What if you started your first job. You are still a teenager and a bit of a party animal. What would you do if your employer told you that you need to settle down and get married? This is not a hypothetical, it is a true story. Bulgarian soccer club Litex Lovech ordered Ivelin Popov to get married within the year. This to curtain his violent behavior and womanizing ways. Does anyone in their right mind actually believe marriage will drastically alter his behavior?

Zed is back?

Congrats to Richard Zednik on his two goal night. After getting pushed down to the "fourth line" Zed had a high energy night. Not that he does not usually play with high energy, it was just that last night he was able to finish. The past 10 games he has looked a little snake bit. He couldn't buy a goal. Great energy, but no finish or luck. Here is hoping that he can continue his scoring ways, and if so, we will be looking forward to Elliot in the Morning to have another "Zed Head" night.

Is it election time yet?

Mr. Rove recently snapped at a skeptical radio interviewer."I add up to a Republican Senate and Republican House. You may end up with a different math, but you are entitled to your math. And I'm entitled to the math."

What does Mr Rove see that the rest of the world, except FoxNews, sees?

Maybe it is something like this?

Also is this news or opinion? Democrats have unleashed a pricey and far-reaching ad campaign meant to directly link Republican candidates to President Bush's Iraq policy. Now I am not a journalist by any stretch, but when you add a statement like "far-reaching" it seems like someone is giving their opinion.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Canadian of the week

Today's Canadian, is an actor that I have watched, and admired for years. Born June 9, 1961 in Edmonton, Alberta. Since his father served in the Canadian Armed Forces he moved throughout Canada. After his Father retired his family settled in Burnaby, British Columbia. He started his acting career on CBC's series "Leo and Me". At the age of 18 he moved to Los Angeles, where he got some guest roles on "Trapper John MD" and "Lou Grant". After a dry spell where he had to sell of parts of his sectional couch to make ends meet, he was able to land one of the roles that he is known for.

Despite strong opposition from then NBC executive Brandon Tartikoff, this actor was cast as a wise cracking republican teenager on a soon to be popular sitcom. His crossover to the big screen was equally popular. He was cast, this time, as a time traveling teenager who has to save his parents marriage. Since then he has appeared in numerous movie roles and in another TV sitcom where he was the deputy mayor of New York City.

In 1991 he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, but didn't make the announcement public until 1998. He still currently acts, but in guest roles. He is currently a strong advocate for Parkinson's research including stem cell research. His foundation was created to support and raise money for research.

If you haven't figured out who our Canadian is it is Micheal J. Fox. I have always found him to be a great actor and a much better human being. I admire his strength while living with this disease. I support his cause and hopefully more people will as well. Please help The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Are you kiddn' me?

Last night the Ottawa Senators had their way with the Toronto Maple Leafs. (It was a very satisfying win considering their previous meeting, shutout in their home opener 6 to 0. ) Things got a little scrappy when the Leafs started to realize things were out of their control. First Brian McGratten (Sens) and Wade Belak (Leafs) had a nice scrum. While in the box McGratten gestured that Belak was turtleing. Honestly, this was a hockey fight. Both guys jawed it up, and then dropped the gloves. What Darcy (Fucker) Tucker did later in the game was not, it was a typical Darcy Fucker move. After Tucker checked Patrick Eaves, which Tucker got the worst of it, Tucker dropped the gloves on Eaves. Tucker is considered a fighter and Eaves hasn’t fought since he was 16 yrs old. He is also the smallest and one of the younger players on the Sens, not the most even match. When Tucker was in the box he had to mimic McGratten’s gesture to Belak. Claiming Eaves was turtleing. The kid took it in stride. I like his comment after the game "He dropped his gloves and came after me," Eaves said. "I just had to defend myself." So Tucker goes after the smallest guy on the Sens to rev up his team then tries to ad insult to injury by insulting him. Nice Asshole. Let’s see if the pussy Tucker will try for an actual fight on Thursday night against McGratten or Chris Neil.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Power and Power plays.

Originally this post was to bust on the Capitals tepid power play. How things have changed. On a crappy night of hockey on Saturday against the Lightning, the Capitals were 2 for 3 on the power play. They were also 6 for 7 in the penalty kill. Very impressive. The only problem was all the defensive lapses while they were 5 on 5. Kolzig looked out of sorts and not his normal self. The Richards goal was the saddest thing I have seen this year. Total monentem killer. Game over.

Now since we were talking about power plays why on God's earth is it now the "Pepco Power Play"? It is starting to drive me nuts. First it was the naming of the stadiums, now it's the power play and opening pitch. At some point, someone has to say enough is enough.
Metro headquarters 10:00pm on a Saturday

Speaking of power, what is up with Metro. Why does the Metro headquarters have to have all its lights on 24 hours a day 365 days a year, when there is no one working in these offices. It drives me absoulely bonkers. Metro raises it rates anually, and is changeing the tile shapes to save money, but they can't turn the lights off ever. What kind of screwed up organization is this?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Canadian of the week

Today's Canadian invented the incandecent light bulb. On July 24, 1874 he and his partner Mathew Evans patented the design for the light bulb. Lacking sufficient capital to develop and sucsesfully market the idea. They sold the US patent and exclusive license to the Canadian patent. The person they sold the idea is regarded in the United States as the inventor of the light bulb, but the idea came from today's Canadian. His name is Henry Woodward.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Ok I know that it is cheap to get personalized plates in Virginia, and in my travels I sometimes see some cleaver plates. Then there are other days. Why is it necessary to do this?

I mean I can look at the back of your car and tell what it is. It is written right there ON the car itself. It could be worse. I once saw a Land Rover with the license that said "Jeep". Very confused individual.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Where is the Love?

So I am reading today’s Washington Post Express and I got Robert Flack and Donny Hathaway’s “Where is the Love?” stuck in my head. In the Sports “Today’s TV Lineup” we have listed College football on ESPN, Baseball’s NLCS on Fox and on Fox Sports Net, High School Football. I guess the Washington Capitals are not televised on Comcast tonight. What is it that I am watching? It must be an aberration. Ted Leonsis has the right idea to give Bloggers more access, since you can’t even count on the Major Media types to let us know that the Capitals are playing. I, for one, am thankful for the glut of hockey blogs and Podcasts out there.

Soft Goal

Was it just me or was Evgeni Malkin's goal against the Devils a soft one or what? I expected his first to be quite impressive. He does have plenty of time to get the highlight reel goals, but this sure was not one of them. First goal in first game is impressive, but since he is a Pen I can't wish him luck. (Yea, Bitter!) God I hate Fitsburg!

Monday, October 16, 2006

When the Jacket makes the man.

What is going on in Edmonton and why is Ryan Smyth wearing that Jacket? Well in 2003-2004 the players on the Calgary Flames awarded each other a Green hard hat to signify which of them was considered the games top performer in a win. That hat landed in Toronto's Hockey hall of Fame. Now that the "Green Hat" is immortalized, they continued the practice in 2005-2006 with the Golden Hard hat. This year it is a "red tacky tie" that is the trophy of choice. Not to be undone by its Alberta rival, Edmonton Oilers have the "jacket". The eighties style jacket is awarded to the Oilers top performer. So which trophy will have the greater motivational factor? I personally like the Jacket. Who wouldn't fight hard to possess that? The fur collar will be great during the long Canadian winter.

Canadian of the week

This week's Canadian of the week is an actress, model, producer and just plain infamous personality. Born in Ladysmith, British Columbia on Canada day (July 1) during Canada's centennial year (1967). During a CFL game she was "discovered" and soon her face was on Labatt's posters throughout Canada. After her decision to pose in Playboy and moving to LA, her career really started to move. Soon she was on TV with shows such as "Home Improvements", "Baywatch" and "V.I.P". She also appeared in movies, her most popular was a straight to tape with Tommy Lee. If you haven't already guessed, our Canadian of the Week is Pamela Anderson

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Long hard week, but its over now.

Since I was in training outside of Chicago last week I could not keep up my posts. The training was good, but it took me away from my beautiful wife too long. Since I have been back I have been making up for lost time. First I was able to sit in on an airing of the Sport Journey Radio show. Very cool that my wife gets to hang and talk sports everyday. I do it as well but nobody willingly spends time out of their day to listen to it.

After the radio show we were able to meet up with some fellow bloggers at a blogger happy hour. It was good to see some old friends and meet new ones. Looking forward to the next one.

The next day was game day heaven. Waking up early and hitting Annapolis to catch Navy homecoming. Six years in the Army I have no love loss for the Navy, but the rout by Rutgers was not what I was hoping for. ( Rutgers 34 Navy 0 )The game was pretty much over when Navy's starting quarterback, Brian Hamilton was taken out on a cart. Nasty thing too. Saw the video when I got home. Dislocated his knee and possible ACL tear. Didn't know a knee could bend like that. Ouch! Here is hoping he will recover. After the game DCSC and our friends headed to the Phone booth to watch the Caps take on the Trashers. Thanks to Mr Smooth for the great seats.

The Caps played pretty well, but the defense still drives me a little nuts. The Sims goal I could feel happening before it actually did. They were playing on their heals at times, but not as bad a last year. Good to see 2 balanced lines come out and play. One bitch other that the loss is the in house replay, or lets say lack of replay. What the hell is wrong with showing a replay of a non-goal. I had to go home and tape the re-air of the game just to see it. Why couldn't they show it then and there instead of doing some stupid "Delta Dental smile camera". Let us know what is going on! Do I have to stay home and watch the game on TV so I can know what is going on? From my angle it looked like it went in, but then it was called off. Why can't they show that? Very aggravating. On a high note we had a new group head in the stadium. A group of Screaming Eagles helped make a half empty Phone booth an entertaining place. Their chanting and cheering was quite refreshing. I love the crossover hopefully we will se an encore preformance. Hell maybe I will have to renew my SE membership.

Talking about crossover. After watching a disappointing Eagles loss to a very talented Saints team. (Bet nobody is calling them Aints anymore, I'm not. ) DCSC and I headed to RFK to watch the DC United play the Chicago Fire. Now if you haven't been paying attention, DC United came out on all cylinders this season. But as of late they seems to have lost a bit of steam. Before the All-Star break they were 15-2-6 after they were 2-6-6. This does not bode well for the playoffs. United's first opponent is the hated Metropukes. Now that they have Bruce Arena they are a major threat. If they can pass that test they will more than likely have to play the team that has their number the past two years. The same Chicago Fire we saw today. If they played same as today, it will be another year without the MLS championship.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Canadian of the week

Today we have Dr. James Naismith. Dr Naismith was born in 1861 near Almonte Ontario. He served as the Athletic director of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. He then became a physical education teacher at the YMCA international Training School, which became Springfield University in Massachusetts. Why should we care about this man from Ontario?

In 1891, while serving at the YMCA he developed a game that is played throughout the world. Looking for a game that will could be played indoors during the cold winter months he devoloped the 13 rules for a new game. The new game Dr Naismith founded is called Basketball.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Amy Lawrence is an idiot

Yesterday ESPNradio's Amy Lawrence was heard on air saying " If Hockey was exciting, and people wanted to watch it on TV, I guarantee ESPN would carry it." Oh really? So ESPN only carries the exciting "sports" I don't want to go into a diatribe about the definition of Sport, but many of the "sports" ESPN feature are competitions not a sport. But only exciting sports?

Now I don't want to dis on what other people enjoy watching. I personally would rather watch grass grow than watching such "sports" as bass fishing, world strongest man, bowling, pool, cheerleading, fat guy answering sport questions, Paintball, Dominos, spelling bee and scrabble championships. How many of those so called sports are exciting? I may watch poker on a occasion, but I would never in a million years call it exciting. Interesting yes, but never exciting.

Ms. Lawrence why do you find it necessary to ridicule someone else's favorite sport. I can think of better ways to cheese up to the ESPN brass than that. If you are trying to emulate Tony Kornheiser, don't. He has put his time in the world of sports reporting and he has grown into the respectable and lovable gasbag that he is. You, yea No.

ESPN is a business and the decision to have hockey on, is not about who is watching, but how much it is paying. I mean NHL has more viewership than the WNBA, but ESPN carries that. The only reason the WNBA is still aired on ESPN is because the WNBA's partnership with the NBA. Does anyone really think their ratings are that good? Please. I think more people watch the World Poker tour.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Only way to watch.

Got to say it again, I love hockey season. To make it even better is to watch it in HD. NOTHING can be finer. I was able to watch most of three different games tonight. The best in my book had to be the Sens vs. Leafs. What can be better than watching the Prime Minister support the losing team. I was very impressed with Gerber's performance. I will be looking forward to many more. Oh, by the way Sens won 4 to 1. The other game at the same time was a good battle as well. Carolina and Buffalo. First of all what the Fuck is up with Buffalo's uniform? I think it beats Atlanta for ugliest uniform. You decide.

The game was a good one. Real tight. I thought both goalies did very well, but in the end someone has to win. At least what the say in the "New NHL" Buffalo wins in a shootout. I guess Buffalo gets some revenge on the Canes beating them in the conference final. I would rather have the Cup than one win.

The last game of the night is Colorado vs. Dallas. As I write this it is tied 2-2. The Avs ruled the beginning of the game, but it seam that Dallas finally woke up. Former Capital Halpern has not been impressive, not 4 million dollar impressive. Didn't realize that barneypussy (barnaby) is in Dallas, that guy is still an ass. Didn't think I would need another reason to hate Dallas.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It feels a little like Christmas.

You remember when you were a kid and couldn't wait till Santa's visit. This is how I feel right now. The first face-off is less than 24 hours away. With the beginning of the season I feel I must give my predictions.

First the Western Conference Finals This is going to be a slug fest out west, but I think the two left standing will be Anaheim and Nashville.

For the Eastern Conference Finals it is going to be tough as well. But in the end I think it will be the Ottawa and Carolina.

The Stanley Cup finals will have Anaheim and Ottawa.

And my winner is Ottawa.

Granted I hedged my bet. While I was in Vegas I put money down on the Ducks to win. 12 to 1 odds, not bad. So either way I win. So let hear it for me loosing money on my bet.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Chocolate City with vanilla flavoring

DCSC and I came home from an entertaining and interesting visit to the Big Easy. New Orleans for those not in the know. Our visit to N.O. was much anticipated. Not only because of our beloved friends' wedding, but it gave me an opportunity to visit a city I enjoyed visiting when I was a younger and single man. Going in I did not know what to expect. How bad was the damage? What was open? Would I recognize it? Glad to say that I did recognize the city as such. Especially from a distance. Most of my experience is from the airport to the French Quarter with the Garden district and Metairie. I have never been East of the French Quarter. From my understanding this is where most of the devastation occurred.
My first impression from the airplane. Damn, Lake Pontchartrain is bigger than I remember. I was also pleased to see the Causeway bridge is back in business. As we get over land I see the famous blue tarps on houses, but not as many as I would have thought. Driving in to downtown things looked pretty normal. Rush hour traffic and highway construction. But you got to look at the little things. Look down the neighborhood streets and you will more than likely see a couple FEMA trailers parked on peoples lawn. Also the many open lots you see will be converted into trailer parks, some look semi permanent. First impressions of the French Quarter was that it looked and smelled the same. Strike that. Worse if you are near a construction dumpster. Bourbon St. has many more stip joints than I remember. I mean Hustler has three clubs on the street alone. Different. so which one is the ugly one?
Our first day in N.O. was spent doing the touristy things that bring you there. Wake up and head to Cafe du Monde. Got to get my chicory coffee and Beignets. I knew people where heading back to the city to help it out, but who knew that Santa was going to be in town. Hopefully he is bringing some early Christmas presents. Santa I want a Sens or Caps Stanley Cup

We were also to enjoy some wonderful meals in some of my favorite restaurants in the world. Mother's and Brennan's are a must when in New Orleans. Also check out Yo Mamma's and try the Voodoo daiquiri at Lafitte's Blacksmith shop. But in general you can not go wrong any place you go.

Back to the Katrina affect. To notice it big time take a walk on Canal St. The main avenue just outside the Quarter. This area was hit hard. Some by the flooding, some by the wind, but also by looting. I remember this as a busy shopping area. Now many if not most of the shops are boarded up. As you head up Canal towards the SuperDome you notice it more and more. Empty office buildings and store fronts. Blown out windows and closed shops. The topper of what we saw up close is just next door to the Dome. The empty Hyatt and the New Orleans Centre (shopping mall).

New Orleans being the first in my mind to own the motto " What goes on in... Stays in...." still lives up to it. Bourbon though not as busy as I think it should be is still the party zone. I mean where else can you see someone passed out ( at least I hope he was only passed out) in the street at 2:00pm.

One final word in form of a picture. Amen

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Canadian of the week.

This weeks Canadian is Yvonne De Carlo. Don't know who she is? You may be surprised that you do. She was born in Vancouver British Columbia in 1922. She worked with some of the big names of Hollywood.

Jackie Gleason
Rock Hudson
Burt Lancaster
Peter Lorre
Clark Gable
Sidney Poitier
John Wayne
Maureen O'Hara
George Hamilton

You may have seen her as Charlton Heston's wife in "the Ten Comandments". She also did parts for such tv shows as "Bonanza" and "the Virginian".

But what is she best known for?

The Munsters.

She is Lily Munster.