Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Are you kiddn' me?

Last night the Ottawa Senators had their way with the Toronto Maple Leafs. (It was a very satisfying win considering their previous meeting, shutout in their home opener 6 to 0. ) Things got a little scrappy when the Leafs started to realize things were out of their control. First Brian McGratten (Sens) and Wade Belak (Leafs) had a nice scrum. While in the box McGratten gestured that Belak was turtleing. Honestly, this was a hockey fight. Both guys jawed it up, and then dropped the gloves. What Darcy (Fucker) Tucker did later in the game was not, it was a typical Darcy Fucker move. After Tucker checked Patrick Eaves, which Tucker got the worst of it, Tucker dropped the gloves on Eaves. Tucker is considered a fighter and Eaves hasn’t fought since he was 16 yrs old. He is also the smallest and one of the younger players on the Sens, not the most even match. When Tucker was in the box he had to mimic McGratten’s gesture to Belak. Claiming Eaves was turtleing. The kid took it in stride. I like his comment after the game "He dropped his gloves and came after me," Eaves said. "I just had to defend myself." So Tucker goes after the smallest guy on the Sens to rev up his team then tries to ad insult to injury by insulting him. Nice Asshole. Let’s see if the pussy Tucker will try for an actual fight on Thursday night against McGratten or Chris Neil.


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