Sunday, October 15, 2006

Long hard week, but its over now.

Since I was in training outside of Chicago last week I could not keep up my posts. The training was good, but it took me away from my beautiful wife too long. Since I have been back I have been making up for lost time. First I was able to sit in on an airing of the Sport Journey Radio show. Very cool that my wife gets to hang and talk sports everyday. I do it as well but nobody willingly spends time out of their day to listen to it.

After the radio show we were able to meet up with some fellow bloggers at a blogger happy hour. It was good to see some old friends and meet new ones. Looking forward to the next one.

The next day was game day heaven. Waking up early and hitting Annapolis to catch Navy homecoming. Six years in the Army I have no love loss for the Navy, but the rout by Rutgers was not what I was hoping for. ( Rutgers 34 Navy 0 )The game was pretty much over when Navy's starting quarterback, Brian Hamilton was taken out on a cart. Nasty thing too. Saw the video when I got home. Dislocated his knee and possible ACL tear. Didn't know a knee could bend like that. Ouch! Here is hoping he will recover. After the game DCSC and our friends headed to the Phone booth to watch the Caps take on the Trashers. Thanks to Mr Smooth for the great seats.

The Caps played pretty well, but the defense still drives me a little nuts. The Sims goal I could feel happening before it actually did. They were playing on their heals at times, but not as bad a last year. Good to see 2 balanced lines come out and play. One bitch other that the loss is the in house replay, or lets say lack of replay. What the hell is wrong with showing a replay of a non-goal. I had to go home and tape the re-air of the game just to see it. Why couldn't they show it then and there instead of doing some stupid "Delta Dental smile camera". Let us know what is going on! Do I have to stay home and watch the game on TV so I can know what is going on? From my angle it looked like it went in, but then it was called off. Why can't they show that? Very aggravating. On a high note we had a new group head in the stadium. A group of Screaming Eagles helped make a half empty Phone booth an entertaining place. Their chanting and cheering was quite refreshing. I love the crossover hopefully we will se an encore preformance. Hell maybe I will have to renew my SE membership.

Talking about crossover. After watching a disappointing Eagles loss to a very talented Saints team. (Bet nobody is calling them Aints anymore, I'm not. ) DCSC and I headed to RFK to watch the DC United play the Chicago Fire. Now if you haven't been paying attention, DC United came out on all cylinders this season. But as of late they seems to have lost a bit of steam. Before the All-Star break they were 15-2-6 after they were 2-6-6. This does not bode well for the playoffs. United's first opponent is the hated Metropukes. Now that they have Bruce Arena they are a major threat. If they can pass that test they will more than likely have to play the team that has their number the past two years. The same Chicago Fire we saw today. If they played same as today, it will be another year without the MLS championship.


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