Thursday, November 09, 2006


Post this will be short and sporadic. DCSC and I are visiting family and we have limited Internet availability. Plus it's vacation.
I do want to say a couple things. I was very disappointed by DC United's loss on Sunday. I was at the game and it was exciting and I thought United played much better than the previous week. They just made one crucial mistake that let in a goal. After that it was all catch up and the Revs did a good job protecting their goal. They also got lucky on a number of occasions. United dominated most of the game, but just could not get the ball in the net.

Monday was another one. Since I was in class and not able to watch live I had to record it. Now if you don't already know I have split allegiances in regards to Ottawa and Washington. I support both teams. I have to say that the Caps come up slightly ahead, but only slightly. The outcome was something I could live with (both teams getting a point), but not the how. What has become of my beloved Sens. They played very cautious at the end. Spending the last period looking like the Devils, with the offsides trap. What were they thinking? You can't win in the "New NHL" with an old NHL mindset. Look how well it worked for the Cryers.


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