Thursday, November 02, 2006

Of all the times to forget.

So today I took a little detour in my travels during work, and stopped by Ashburn Ice House. It has been a few days since I have been to a game and I needed my live hockey fix. I was fortunate to arrive just as the Zamboni was leaving the ice and the players were starting to get on. Just a few of the players were on the ice and Brent Johnson was milling about near the locker room entrance. I notice him sign an autograph for a little boy, then disappeared near the locker room again. A couple moments later here comes Brent Johnson walking toward the ice wearing a mask. Not a goalie mask, but a Nacho Libre mask. Once he got on the ice he put his goalie mask on and began warming up. It was funny watching his teammates do a double take when he passes by them. So of all the times to forget my camera, I pick today. There is a shot I would have loved to get an autograph on. Here is a poor substitute, just add goalie pads, skates and a Caps jersey.


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